Cross-Country Authority Letter

  What does it deal with?
  To who was it addressed?
  What was the impact?


1. What is it and why writing it?

2. The Cross-Country Authority Letter to Montenegro

3. The Impact


1. What is it and why writing it?


(Summary of the Workshop "Cross-Country Authority Letter", 24.09.17, Bohind, Slovenia) 

A Cross-Country Authority Letter is a letter whose purpose is to put pressure on the authority, expose other perspectives and solutions for improvements. It can be written by a single person and signed by others, or by a group of international people. 

The workshop aimed at introducing it to the participant as a tool for activism. The main outcome was a letter to the Prime Minister of Montenegro signed by all participants!

A.Why involving the authority ?

The idea of using this methods was born in 2015 while organising the first Big Jump Challenge camp in 2015. The year 2015 was in fact the goal year for the Water Framework Directive, according to which all rivers and all lakes in the European Union member states’ territories should be clean. Authorities in the country members of the European Union are responsible for implementing it.

Getting in contact with the authorities does not only help to learn more about the status of a specific river, but also shows public interest on water protection-related issues. Requesting an answer in the letter has, in any case, potential positive impacts: the most engaged authority will like the idea of cooperating with youths, while the less engaged authority will be reminded to do their tasks. 

B.Why getting involved ?

Getting involved enables to unleash our collective power. The “Cross-Country Authority Letter” method is borrowed from Amnesty International who uses it to put pressure on authorities for freeing political prisoners. It does not only show solidarity across countries, but also exhibits international awareness. 

For more information on the Cross-Country Authority Letter, have a look at our module on that subject in our Toolbox (here) !

2. The Cross-Country Authority Letter to Montenegro

Case Study: Letters to the Prime Minister of Montenegro concerning the Mini Hydro Power Plants 

The two participants from Montenegro firstly gave a short presentation on the situation in Montenegro regarding the increased construction of Mini Hydro Power Plants. Together with the other participants, they finalised a letter addressed to the Prime Minister of Montenegro. See below the letter ...

3. THE impact

The cabinet of the Prime Minister of Montenegro answered to our letter ! It is currently being translated by our volunteers. Keep on eye on our Website and our newsletter to learn more about it ...!