EcoPeace Israel

We jump in 61999 Tel Aviv (Israel) on 10.07.2016 15:00
Information about the team

We are a group of Israeli youth, Alumni Water Trustees of the EcoPeace Middle East Good Water Neighbors Project. We live upon transboundary watersheds shared with Palestinian and Jordanian communities. Through the Good Water Neighbors Project we learned about the cross border nature of our waters, met and made friends with our neighbors across the border based on our shared environment. We believe we need to act together, regionally, to solve our joint problems and improve our water reality.

The Jordan River. A joint water source shared between Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanian communities. The river is significant to billions of people from diverse religions and countries worldwide but is presently under threat.  Diversion of 96 per cent of its fresh water, in addition to discharge of large quantities of untreated sewage, threatens to irreversibly damage the River Valley. Israel, Jordan and Syria have all diverted its upstream waters for domestic and agricultural uses, leaving precious little fresh water for the river and its once thriving ecosystem.

We, Israeli youth together with Jordanian and Palestinian youth will jump into the Jordan River together in order to raise awareness of the Rover's poor reality, and call for cross border intervention for the rehabilitation of the Jordan River.


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Tel Aviv
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Date and time of the jump:
10.07.2016 15:00
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Team contact:
Gidon Bromberg
Location of the jump:
Lower Jordan river, Northern Israel, nearby the Yardenit Baptismal Site
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