EcoPeace Jordan

We jump in 840252 Amman (Jordan) on 10.07.2016 10:00
Information about the team
We are a group of Jordanian youth, alumni of Good Water Neighbors Project of EcoPeace Middle East, our ages range between 16 - 24 years old. We live in different cities along the Jordan Valley, from al Himma in the North all the way down to Ghour Fifa in the South. We are very enthusiastic about environmental issues, and our work focuses on maintaining our scarce resource - WATER.
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Team base postal: 840252
Team base city:
team base country:
Date and time of the jump:
10.07.2016 10:00
Exact geodata for the Jump (Without spelling °, otherwise the map does not work - for example: 52.519043, 13.400787):
Team contact:
Lisa Kawar
Location of the jump:
The Jordan River
Information about the body of water:
The Jordan River. A joint water source shared between Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanian communities. The river is significant to billions of people from diverse religions and countries worldwide but is presently under threat. Diversion of 96 per cent
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