Young Biologists Association NGO

We jump in 0025 Yerevan (Armenia) on 18.06.2016 15:15
Information about the team

The Young Biologists Association NGO is organizing the public jumping event "Jump Armenia" to the river Azat (v. Garni, Kotayk province, Armenia). The educational seminar and discussion on water protection issues in Armenia will be organized during the event. Everybody can join to our team and jump together!


partner team buttonWe do not jump on our own! Our partner:

Super salmons

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Date and time of the jump:
18.06.2016 15:15
Exact geodata for the Jump (Without spelling °, otherwise the map does not work - for example: 52.519043, 13.400787):
40.110606, 44.72811
Team contact:
Arsen Gasparyan
Location of the jump:
v. Garni, Kotayk, Province
Information about the body of water:
Azat river
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