Regenbogen Jumper

We jump in 12053 Berlin (Germany) on 14.06.2015 14:00

»Frei fließendes Wasser ist wichtig für trinken und fischen, für Fische und Pflanzen, für Steine und eine bunte Welt, und es ist wichtig, weil wir H20 sind.«

Information about the team
Free flowing water is important for drinking and fishing; it is important for the fish and the plants; it is important for stones and a colourful world; and it is important because we are H20. * * * We are a group from the Rainbow School Neukölln, and prepare for the big jump in the context of a module on renewable energies and water conservation. Another class of our school (Klasse 4) partners with the Jean Zay School in Orléans.
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Date and time of the jump:
14.06.2015 14:00
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52.519043, 13.400787
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Fips-Gruppe Gewässerschutz
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